Why I Use Henna On My Hair

What is Henna? Henna is powdered leaves use to dye hair or decorate the body.


What’s in my henna? (I use the Nupur brand)
Hibiscus: rejuvenates hair
Brahmi: promotes hair growth
Shikakai: Leaves hair clean and shining
Methi: conditions, nourishes and revitalizes hair
Neem: fights scalp infection
Jatamansi: prevents graying of hair
Aloe vera: moisturizes hair
Bhringraj: makes hair luxuriant
Amla: darkens hair color
Here’s all the reasons why I use henna.
  • Stronger hair
  • healthier hair
  • promotes hair growth
  • lighten my hair
  • great smell (not everyone can say the same)
  • Shine my hair

Henna is a very long process first of all I let it soak for 4 hours and then I put it in my hair, I leave it for 5 hours then I rinse it out. * It takes time to rinse out so be patient ladies.

here are my mixtures:
1: 4 Tbsp of Henna + 1 Tsp of honey + 1 cup of warm water
2: 4 Tbsp of Henna + 1 Tbsp of olive oil + 2 Tbsp of lemon juice + warm water
3: 4 Tbsp of henna + 2 cups of warm green tea + 1 Tbsp of coconut oil
How often do I it?
*Well it depends… When I wear wigs I do it every week. When I have braids I do it after I take my braids down. I do it before a protective hairstyle and I do it again after I take it down.
Where to get it?
I always get it at my local Indian store but if you don’t have an Indian store where you live you can also get it online CLICK HERE