Experience Conifer

Conifer is in the mountains of Colorado with the elevation of 8,277 feet. I’m a true lover of nature, so this place was magical to me. Just the name speaks for the place. I can promise you that I’ve never seen so many conifers in my life!!
I was in such awe to see God’s work. The Lord is so perfect he makes no mistake. No man on earth could EVER create a place like that. everything is where it belongs.
Psalm 146: “Praise the Lord from the earth, you great sea creatures and all deeps, fire and hail, snow and mist, stormy wind fulfilling his word! “
Go for a hike with your family and then go eat some Chinese food at Golden Stix. If you don’t like Chinese food go eat pizza at J J Madwell’s (who doesn’t like pizza?) well, that’s it folks, I hope you’ll visit Conifer one day. If you do send me pictures on Instagram.
If you’re a photographer who loves taking pictures of wild flowers, mountains, water and old cabins Conifer is the perfect place to go. If you have too many things in your mind I believe you can find refuge in the conifer forest.

Beauty products must have

Don’t we all have these products that we can’t live without? I’m always busy and running so ALWAYS have these products in my car.


My first one is face wipes! I use them a lot specially after the gym. I really have sensitive skin so I try to use the ones without scent.
You guys know I have a really dry skin so I always need me some body lotion. I like a good moisturizing lotion in the morning.
In my family we kinda have cracked lips. I struggled all my life with that and I used to be ashamed of my lips. But ever since I found these lips exfoliator my life changed.
Mascara!! I look really sleepy without it. so I have one in each and every purse I own. It doesn’t matter the brand as long as it’s waterproof.
lip balm is very important to me because it helps keep my lips moisturize at all time. specially during winter time. I really like the ones with shea butter.