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Friendship with my daughters

Good morning and God bless you all. I have a question for you. How was your relationship with your mother? And do you think it affects you today? As for me growing up, I did not have a good relationship with adoptive mother and it still affects me today. I will say that because of my experience it really makes me a better mom for my two daughters. Well, today’s blog post is not about me so let’s start.


I remember crying to God when I was younger I kept telling him  » God if you know I will be a bad mom please don’t ever let me be a mom » I also remember telling God when I will be a mom I want my kids to be my best friends.

IMG_5973 (1)


I know my oldest daughter is only one year old but I include her in everything I do. Before I blog about something I tell her first. I know she does not understand anything but I just want her to know that she and her sister matters to me.


You guys have no idea how I value their opinions. My youngest is 5 months old and talk to her about my struggles and she looks at like if I’m a crazy lady. But I know one day she’ll understand. I can’t wait for Eliza to turn one so I can take pictures of her. I can never get a good shot of her.


A lot of people ask me why are you so nice and friendly with your kids. Well, the truth is I need them as much as they need me. these kids are my best friends, I’m able to tell them everything because I know they love me. I think by telling my kids everything it will open the door for them to talk to me about everything.

Well, guys, that’s it for today I know it was all over the place but I’m a mess what can I say. I hope you enjoyed this post. I love you all and Stay bless my friends.

xo Marie



How I edit my Instagram pictures

Well hello my darlings, I want to share with you how I get my pictures to ALWAYS look bright and colorful.
My Instagram is like a full time job because I don’t just post whatever picture I have. Sometimes I take 20 pictures of the same thing just because I want to be certain that I have the PERFECT picture. I also schedule all my post* ( that’s for another post)
My Instagram theme is definitely bright and colorful. So you’ll find a lot of colors on my 
All my picture are taken with a cannon rebel T5
Okay my loves let me show you how I edit my pictures
From this:
To this:
As you can see I have a lot of apps, but I don’t use all of them at once. Each apps has their purposes and category. But for the the macaroons I used Snapseed and IG (Instagram)
Snapseed Is an easy editing app created by google and it’s definitely my favorite!
When you open the app you’ll see a + just click on it to start editing. Then you’ll see a bunch of editing tools. scroll down to read what I do to edit my picture. Everything is in order.
rs=w_1280 (1)
  • Brush +0.7
  • Brightness +16
  • Contrast +11
  • Saturation +18
  • Highlights +11
  • Ambiance +3
  • Structure +14
  • Sharpening +12
Export your picture and open your Instagram
I have to say that it always change depending on the picture.